What would you like for our next free locator?

We have now three locators, and we are thinking about creating a new one. It will be free, like the Werewolf Locator and the Ghost Locator.

The Strange Creature Locator is, and will stay, our flagship locator, with more than 60 different creatures and with updates every months.

If you have any ideas for our next app, please participate in this poll…


Let’s talk about werewolves and creatures…

Feel free to chat about werewolves and other strange creatures here.

Please don’t put your phone number or street address.

More info about werewolves: Wikipedia.

If you want to talk about the apps and not the creatures, follow these links :
Werewolf Locator
Strange Creature Locator

Website redesign

This site has been redesigned, we hope you like it…