What would you like for our next free locator?

We have now three locators, and we are thinking about creating a new one. It will be free, like the Werewolf Locator and the Ghost Locator.

The Strange Creature Locator is, and will stay, our flagship locator, with more than 60 different creatures and with updates every months.

If you have any ideas for our next app, please participate in this poll…



  1. WereWolfGal says

    Hey I’m WereWolfGal or some people call me WolfGal or WolfeGal or u know what that’s not the point anyway, I really like your werewolf locater but some times it fake some times it’s not and I should know I am a werewolf and plz don’t go looking for us unless u want your head ripped off but moving on I think there should be an anthro locater I know a wolf anthro who would loved being stalked jk but still I think it would be cool well thx

  2. I’m gone to say to my little brother, that he should also go to
    see this website on regular basis to get updated from hottest news.

  3. I think a slenderman proxy locator

  4. Anonymous says

    You should make a witch locator ^-^

  5. I honestly think you should make a detector for other creatures like kitsunes, werecats, & maybe other cryptids.

  6. Make a detector for any supernatural

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