Werewolf Locator is available !

The werewolf locator model WL100 is the automated version of a detection method dating back to the Middle Ages, now available on iPhone !

Le détecteur de loups-garous modèle WL100 est la version automatisée d’une méthode de recherche du moyen âge, maintenant disponible sur iPhone !

More info : Werewolf Locator


  1. Don't want to tell the world my name says

    I don’t believe this app because I just changed the time and used the full moon code , and it said that their was a 28 year old werewolf next to me, and my DAD was next to me, he’s 45 years old!

  2. Don't want to tell the world my name says

    By the way my email is wolfhowl8924@gmail.com

  3. Do you want to talk about werewolves ?

    It’s here : http://www.smyapps.com/smyapps/lets-talk-about-werewolves-and-creatures_817.html

  4. Wolfina says

    I’m so totally freaked right now it just said there was one right by me and I’m all alone

  5. I love this app. Im not sure if its fake or not but I just abousletly love it. I’ve always loved wolves, werewolves? Even more. I know it says stay away from them but I just cant. I want to go outside and see one. I love wolves alot, & just meeting one would be awesome but yeah.. I dont think they want us to know about them. 🙁

  6. Anonymous says

    I’ve always had a thing for monsters.(vampires, zombies, Bigfoot, etc.) But I will always love werewolfs the most of all. And now with app I can finally locate them! I’m not sure if this app is a hoax or not, but it’s still very addicting!

  7. Nunya bezzwax says

    What do you think would happen if I went outside during a full moon, and howled? Would they run towards me?

  8. I think they’d be able to recognise if it was a real howl or not, they wouldn’t think you’re a werewolf but they might come running towards you

  9. Kate Steel says

    How do you get your writing in the werewolf herald?

  10. Okay get ready for a lecture guys!

    1) werewolves aren’t real! If we haven’t seen them, then they aren’t real!
    Me: ugh are u serious? Here’s a fact: humans seek to understand all; when something werewolf related pops up, they can’t understand how we physically transform and say “oh there’s no way they can be real!” How sad, I thought the human race was smarter. The supernaturals like me are and should be classified as, advanced and evolved humans. That aren’t human anymore because we adapted better than others. Just because you haven’t seen us, doesn’t mean we aren’t real:

    2) oh look at me, I’m a vampire and a werewolf crossed together!
    Me: bitch look me in the eye and say that again. Every time a hybrid like that comes along, they did eithin weeks of birth so don’t fucking tell me your sixteen and a hybrid of that!

  11. Hi smy it’s me shadulza. Long time no see. 🙂

  12. Prime Carpenter says

    If you use the full moon cheat code it picks up dogs but on the actual guilty moon it does pick up stuff. Once it was actually true. Friend me on Facebook by looking up Prime Carpenter.

  13. Gillian says

    I would really like to know what the scale of the locator is… So I can know exactly how close the are. If anybody knows please tell me

  14. Hey I really won’t to join a pack so email me or txt me if you are in the Seattle area or whatever. 2064597367

  15. Werewolfs are real it’s a sickness that makes you grow a lot of hair

  16. Good..

  17. If one of you are werewolf age of 12 with 0-10 come to 13 Westfield road I really want to be a werewolf to show my silly pedants that that are real please 🙁

  18. I don’t have the right way to go about this. But I want to be a werewolf. If you are a werewolf that has 15-100 and your 12 year old come to 13 Westfield road in Southampton.

  19. Is there a way to become a werwolf with out telling where you live? I think the pain is worth it,you know

  20. 101 for techno cheat

  21. Hey I would like to know how to get my writing in the Werewolf Herald
    My email is kelseala04@icloud.com

  22. Wolfgurl_Heidi says

    There is a way to become a werewolf. All you’ll need is alone time, a full or new moon, and you’ll need to be at least 13 years old, also, once you fall asleep you will dream of a wolf and that will be you in your wolf form. You need to be fully exposed to the moon and you’ll need to say the following 10 times:
    By the light of the moon, and our piercing howls, we are further transformed into cunning beasts. From the circle of life and the evolution of man, I shall be reawakened as one with the land.
    It will take a few weeks till the next new or full moon and that moon or the next one will be your first transformation.

  23. I think I’m one I’m not sure tho …..

  24. Amelea says

    I once got bit by a werewolf named Chester me and him are friends now and I am serous. plz help me. do you know how fast deer and rabits are? ughh

  25. Amelea says

    It’s hard to type with paws apparently this thing called auto correct is fixing my mistakes

  26. Adam Reynolds says

    How do you use the compass in the settings i cant seem to turn it on, on my device
    Can u tell me how to

  27. i was acutally wandering if you could branch this app out more to other devices as like samsung j3 emrg or any other devices and not just apple devices because i only have a samsung and i’m not going to swaitch to an apple phone or brand and i’ve been looking for this app on google play store for about 8 years now…so ya…

  28. I really really really want to be a werewolf.
    I live in Hamburg,Germany.
    If anyone lives in this country please email me so that you can change me.

  29. cheesecake says

    I have been researching. And researching. And still researching. I have been taking many quizzes and tests, so much I can’t count. They all say one thing: You are a werewolf. I told my bf the next day, and he was like, “That’s not real!” I didn’t listen to him. I didn’t care. I was expecting him to say that. But now, I know that I’m not a pure-blood. I got bitten. And now here I am, absolutely clueless. That’s why I am DYING to wait for the next full moon on May 29, 2018. I’m gonna put it to the test.

  30. cheesecake says

    (If people don’t believe I got bitten, I’ll show you the scar on my neck, and a claw mark running down my right hand.)

  31. cheesecake says

    I couldn’t remember how I got biten when I first started doing this. But I remembered now.

  32. Cheesecake says

    Ugh… It’s been a couple days ever since the full moon. I still remember me dashing to the laft, and my body standing at the window, getting drawn in more and more into the glance at the full moon. After what fee led to be an hour, I pulled myself away from the powerful magnet and got ready for bed, knowing to get up after going in my bed, tricking my parents that I was sleeping that night. The next morning, was a little fuzzy. I woke up on the floor, which wasn’t pleasant if you ask me. For the first time in forever, my bed looked like a pig pen. I got up. I had a MASSIVE headache. My bed sheets were pulled off, as if I got up in the night. I got up to dust myself off, but my jaw clenched as my fingers glided over two rough wounds. It was like those wounds like a thorn ripped through your flesh, (although this one was thin, but deep.). The two wounds stung, but after a few seconds it settled. I got up, and tried to act as normal as I can. Well, that summed it up. I’ve gotten some nasty thoughts about people with suspicious glares at me, though… their eyes opening wide. I wonder if they can tell what I am.. I honestly am super scared. Plz help me, I need to know how to control he beast inside of me.

  33. Cheesecake says

    After those couple days, the wounds sort of healed. Although, the little “slice” mark didn’t look as nice and tidy… like something sharp ripped through me… Oh boy.

  34. Cheesecake says

    I really want to know how to enter the werewolf herald. Can somebody plz tell me how to enter it?

  35. Cheesecake says

    Also, tip #1: It’s obvious that the full moon code doesn’t work. I tested this in the DAY, (yes, I’m that dumb) and it dectected a “werewolf” near me. I checked the direction, and the neighbor’s dog was there’s. I clicked on the information, and the first thing I dart my eyes at is the fur. It said it had black fur, and so does the dog. Oh gosh.

  36. Cheesecake says

    Ghost town here. D:

  37. Being sopesedly old enough to be one I would really like to be and I would bet not a single real one reads this but it’s worth a shot I’m in northern az and have been completed obsessed

  38. I Have No Name Ideas says

    How do you enter the Werewolf Harold?

  39. That one kid says

    So my boyfriend bit me and is being very werid when I brought up werewolves and he also bit me on a full moon but that was a while ago and I haven’t transformed so I’m confused weather he is a werewolf or not anyone have any advice? Also this one kid at school keeps accuses of me of being a werewolf so…..

  40. That one kid says

    Also to be clear he bit my arm….

  41. Does anyone know how to get into the Werewolf Herald? I’d love to give them some writing just because.. doot.
    Email: kittenkittycat69@gmail.com

    I’m already sad with nostalgia

  42. Anonymous says


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