Werewolf Locator is available !

The werewolf locator model WL100 is the automated version of a detection method dating back to the Middle Ages, now available on iPhone !

Le détecteur de loups-garous modèle WL100 est la version automatisée d’une méthode de recherche du moyen âge, maintenant disponible sur iPhone !

More info : Werewolf Locator


  1. Vamp_Kid says

    Werewolfs are real. But this thing can’t track them.

  2. Who. Cares this is awesome

  3. Does this tracker really work?

  4. WEREWOLVES ARE A MYTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This app is fake werewolves are only a myth u kno a scary campfire story stop beliving in them. I gusse I supposly anger them with my comments but I don’t care because there just people! Who I’ll never meet

  5. Werewolf bby says

    Could u give some cheat codes…. Atleast! It is bornin when I can track better than this tracker.. I believe it is a bunch of bs… CHEATS CODES now

  6. Anonymous says

    The game is so fun

  7. Anonymous says

    But after that it sade that tre…TRE!!! more were wolfs wher on there way to my location and the most anoying thing was that all the were wolfs hade white fur so i sade “Fuck it im going home” 🙂

  8. pseudober says

    help ! I don’t find any cheat codes, I have only 111 ou 666 ! and when I see where a devil is, what can I do with it ?

    thanks !

  9. What do you do when a werewolf or devil shows up on the screen? Do I have to go outside and follow it?

  10. What do you do when a werewolf or devil shows up on the screen? Do I have to go outside and follow it?

  11. 1) What is the tracking method that is used in this automated version that has been used since the middle ages?

    2) What is the radius on the screen of your present location operating the werewolf locator?

    Thank smy.

  12. Anonymous says

    Ok do I downloaded this app thinking oh it will be fun! But really it doesnt make sense what is the point of it how does it work? Is it locating people signed up for something else and “locating” them or is it made up stats and we are just suppose to think the paws are actual people running around or should I say werewolves?

  13. 808 is A strang but cool cheat

  14. Anonymous says

    This app is great, it’s amusing and all, And I love it. For those out there, this app is NOT real. Since it can detect the “werewolves” at any given time, when you put the cheat code 111. All you out there, you are NOT werewolves. Stop with the coincedential “Oh, I’m a werewolf with black fur and red eyes” stuff, It’s not true, there’s no proof of it. :\

  15. Darksay83 says

    I’m afraid because this application

  16. Werewolf620 says

    I have found ALL the codes and they are: 133, 067, 370, 606, 666, 808, 909, 986, 101
    That is all the codes and I looked back and made sure.

  17. Katkotsu says

    I just used the devil cheat code and it said that the devil was right next to me and I was like “Dude… I AM the devil! >:D”

  18. more cheat codes please

  19. is it fake or real

  20. What do you think ? Could it be real ?

  21. Chelsey Goldsworthy says

    Hi, I’m really fascinated with Werewolves; I love this app… It’s really amazing, all though it does scare me when I put on the Devil code….. I really love the flower power code and the full moon code; I know you might say no or something but would you be able to add more cheat codes to this please, I would make it more interesting and about this Werewolf Herald; when do you updated the next story or newspaper report…. I don’t care if it’s fake or anything, this app is very interesting and fabulous

  22. Charlotte murray says

    This app is so cool! Very, very precice damn it blew my cover! I is werewolf and i only 9! wtf?

  23. Awesome it truly is!

  24. Anonymous says

    Devil tracker is creepy. He’s always right next to you. I don’t know if it’s possible, but if it is, could you guys make an update the werewolf locator with a vampire cheat code? :~) that would be awesome 😀

  25. I am “trying” to “turn” into a “werewolf” in this game, but it takes some time. I Wonder if I can turn if i am right close to one?

  26. It should be a cheat code that makes every person into a werewolf, Even yourself.

  27. Werewolf hunter Leonardo says

    We got three visuals on permanent wolves

  28. Make a cheat code that transforms yourself into a werewolf, and when you Are close to Somone Else thats not a werewolf, they will transform to.

  29. It should be a cheat code that made everyone into volves

  30. 133 is blue
    111 is full moon
    000 is disable
    069 is flower
    370 is green health line
    808 is techno (disco)
    101 is ping pong
    666 is devil

  31. Smy add compass to app and make t tell which direction it’s coming from and how far it is and make sure when your walking it moves 2 and add members who are using it to the app and make it so where you can talk to the members through the app 2 and show younger ages as well

  32. Smy also make a section on the app so that can show videos of people who have used this app to search for werewolves

  33. It is a great app I wont argue with that.

    Babe, lighten up will ya? You get in way too much trouble that’s why I love you.

  34. Eclipse says

    Hi, im Eclipse, and im a werewolf. This app, is not real at all, i tracked another supposed ‘werewolf’ with my freind for like three hours only for the radar to lead us to an overgrown patch of thornbushes and vines next to a river and a stream, there were no prints in the mud, except mine from the patrols the night. Before, and no beat down trail of thorns and vines, we looked for the werewolfs pawprints for an hour and checked for scent trails, the only thing we found were coyote pawprints and coyote and deer scent trails all stail no new werewolf scents. This app is just for humans who cant get a life and enjoy the environment.
    Also, werewolves do exist, and me personally, i dont “love” vamires, but i can live with them. My pack is Northern Creek Pack. And i am the leader! You mess with one of us, you get the full pack in return.
    P.s. my pack has a website its ncpack.webs.com

  35. Werewolf king says

    Smy, this app is nice to find fellow werewolves

  36. Anonymous says

    I think they should make it for kindle!

  37. Louisa says

    Love the app! Love, love, love it! Oh deary me! This is so cool real werewolves!

  38. Im truthfull says

    You guys are all lying yea thats right its all bull same as this app its so cruddy bad !!!!!

  39. This app is awsome

  40. White Wolf says

    Can say that again!!!!

  41. This app is really cool

  42. Sparkclaw says

    I like this app to its pretty good have some of you other Werewolves meet in person at one point ?

  43. Shadow wolf girl says

    Im new to this website so can someone tell me how to use it also I’m a werewolf / Wiccan <3

  44. Shadow wolf girl says

    I love this app it’s so cool

  45. White Wolf says

    Hey my fellow WW! It’s nice to hear from u!! This app is ided fake but it dose help keep track of the

  46. Your werewolf app is awesome! I believe in them.

  47. new werewolf says

    i know the cheats the cheats are 111 – 101 – 069 – 666 – 606 – 370 – 133

  48. New wolf says

    Cool you know they are on the cheat page right?

  49. Ninja wolf says

    I love this app soooo much

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