Werewolf Locator is available !

The werewolf locator model WL100 is the automated version of a detection method dating back to the Middle Ages, now available on iPhone !

Le détecteur de loups-garous modèle WL100 est la version automatisée d’une méthode de recherche du moyen âge, maintenant disponible sur iPhone !

More info : Werewolf Locator


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  2. I am curious if the deteced “werewolf” is just another person happened to have the app installed and running at the same time?… How does it work actually? 😛

  3. one way to find out isn’t there? 😛

  4. Dude who thinks they should make more cheat codes

  5. Dude totally

  6. très belle réalisation. y a-t-il une interface avec un lanceur de silver bullet dont vous faites la publicité ??

  7. wychhunter says

    is this real??? seriously??? and how can you find their exact location??they could be anywhere around us and yet it doesn’t give any exact coordinates.

  8. Um can some one help me I not posotive how this works like wat is the sexe like masulln I guess cause mine just says the gender and age and is this real like can u seriously find the wolf cause u no I’m kind of dumb so like is the middle of the radar like my location and is it like when you c a werewolf is it like miles away or like u no ya in my back yard or sumthin like how can you literally track them not like I am goin to but it’s gud to know And yes they totally need more cheat codes and um can someone PLEASE explain wat the devil code like means or does THANK YOU. You can put up a foment or like email meh xxx@xxx

  9. Hey like is it real what is the devil cheat and does it work oh fyi to anybody werewolves are not bloof curling or anything they are people with the ability to morph into a wolf to fight vampires and way mire cheats are needed immediatly

  10. How can u find a specific wolf

  11. @Jeff, wychhunter, Madisen, Demi : Read the Malleus Maleficarum 🙂 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malleus_Maleficarum
    @Billcox, Thanku4talking, Anonomis : Soon !
    @moulin : Non, ce n’est pas prévu 🙂

  12. So it doesn’t really work without the code of God and the witch? God’s number being 777 and the witch is ‘to witch their own’.

  13. Jazzlynn says

    Ummm….first of all how come when you move tward the werewolf it don’t move closer to you on the map. And second I upgraded the app and before I did it said there was going to be NEW cheat codes and there isn’t!!!! What do I do?

  14. @Jazzlynn: Maybe the wolf is moving away from you, and site updated with the new cheatcode 🙂

  15. Kittywolf says

    Found alot of werewolves with this thing is it
    for real???

  16. 15 000 downloads in less than two months, thanks to everyone !!!

  17. Can anyone tell me why the paw prints won’t move? I thought that if the werewolf moves then the paw print should too. Anyone wanna e-mail me?

  18. Magnifique application j attends la pleine lune avec impatience
    ce sont tes louves garou qui sont heureuses
    des bises a la famille wereWolves

  19. But wat r these cheat codes and how do u get them

  20. I’m also a werewolf. Execpt I can change anytime I get angry.

  21. Listen you peeps are not werewolves this is justa bunch of
    mumbo jumbo. And listen dude, you SO got the I can turn
    into a werewolf when I get angry thing is like from the twilight
    saga New Moon. Also they need more cheat codes or I am going to
    tell everyone I know that this app sucks! How do u like that?

  22. Wait…… Does the rader mean how close they
    are? Does it mean the wolf is miles away or in
    your neighborhood? Also every time I go check
    the rader there are almost always new wolves
    there. So does that mean that there are like 100
    werewolves around? I need some info NOW DUDES!

  23. Werewolf says

    Im a real werewolf. Thr full moon thing is crap. And so is the silver bullets. They should make more codes and tht realy is one way to find us. We r not bad. Were friends.

  24. Desertwolfclan says

    Wats up peeps? We need more cheats !!!!!!! And wh won’t the paws move??!!!!!

  25. Anonymous says

    How do you get a full moon

  26. WolfLover says

    This is probably fake because i did the devil cheat and if u see the little radar switch it says “do you really want to know where the devil is?” thats fake you cant even know but we all wish we could know where a werewolf is

  27. WolfLover says

    i found 3 werewolves.. whenever i move the spot doesnt change… is this for real?

  28. MOR CHEAT CODES !!!!!!!!!!!

  29. ok, your all stupid. this is fake you morons. its a prank to pull on your friends. you know, haha. wow

  30. Whiekafox says

    So my friends and I went on a werewolf hunt…..it would be nice to know how far away the wolf is. The pawprints never move!

  31. Hey u totally need to make up more cheats!!! Also allie should shut the freak up!!! And just wanted to say that werewolves R NOT mean! They r actually pretty nice just like everyone else! 😉

  32. Brittany says

    Wait… I havnt used it I am tonight for my first time. So r there really werewolves? Cuz u ppl act like this is real and idk werewolves arn reall r they???????

  33. Brittany says

    I just used it and now I wounder wat the pong cheat does?


  35. Anonymous says

    So stupid

  36. Anonymous says

    What’s faun fur I loctaed a wolf and it said it faun fur

  37. The paw prints will not move. And werewolves and vampires and things are most definately real!!!

  38. I'm werewolf says

    Hey how I now were is the wolf??? Please do upgrade or whatever it says and put in coordinates (latitud long)… To whom now..

  39. I want to become a werewolf!!! says

    The devil cheat code locates the devil. Oh, and if you guys are werewolves please respond to this message with @I want to be a werewolf.

  40. 25 000 downloads now !

    Please don’t put emails or phone numbers in comments…

  41. twilightfan002 says

    do you guys have a vampire tracker too? you should, because then people will know when they are about to get there blood sucked by one.

  42. What’s cheat code

  43. Nooooooooooo says

    Um, I pointed this app in the direction of a real werewolf and it didn’t locate it.
    Explain, lol.

  44. Hahha apparentally there was a she wolf in my closet;) I find that funny, but really this is just a gam pol 🙂

  45. Weregirl13 says

    I am a real werewolf and this locator is a bunch of lies there are no real wrewolfs on this thing it didn’t even track me let alone any of my friends around here.

  46. Awesome werewolf says

    When I used it it said a rock was a werewolf.And it said my sister is the devil. It also said the devil was 5ft from my house. I looked and nothing was there.

  47. I want to become a werewolf!!! says

    Oh, and to everyone who wants to know, the tracker is fake, a gag, a prank, etc…

  48. Weregirl13 says

    This is just a prank to pull in you friends not the real thing because it coulnt track me or my friend aswe were in wolf form please stop beliving this is real.

  49. Vamp_Kid says

    This thing is messed up. I kno real warewolfs and this thing can’t track them.

  50. I believe in werewolves says

    I think that werewolves are real and I think it would be fun to be a werewolf minus the pain involved

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