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  1. White wolf says

    U wouldn’t want that Madison exspecially if u live in humboldt county

  2. Dark Anonymous says

    To my pack if yor listening rj wolf let yo know i have…what was that see ya guys alpha on the loose must hunt


  3. alex waterson says

    All werewolf better run like me because the hunters r coming

  4. Anonymous says

    Cry me a river best song ever

  5. Victoria vamp says

    Hey vamp here rawr lol

  6. I need to get bit an kill my alpha any body wanna help kill an alpha

  7. This is a cheat site not a random site

  8. Hi

  9. Hey Jacob have you read or watched Twilight

  10. Snow queen a.k.a Me says

    Has anybody read Harry Potter

    I have

  11. Snow queen a.k.a Me says

    I’ve read Twilight too

  12. Snow queen a.k.a Me says


  13. I wanna be a wearwolf so any alphas out there wanna turn me?

  14. I think people need to stop acting like werewolves. Unless they are one. Stop saying any alphas want to turn me because I want to be a werewolf. Stop because that is offensive to us who really are. And it’s not a game. Being a werewolf is dangerous. So all of you stop!

  15. smyapps says

    Derik and Artic Wolf, please use this page to chat…


  16. I’m an alpha for real guys no jk and Jacob I will helping kill ur alpha

  17. Wanna be it isn’t that easy I can’t just make u a werewolf it takes a few months to be a full werewolf trust me u don’t have the rosonsibility sorry no affence
    Regards the alpha king

  18. heyo alpha king u suck im the real alpha king and i could beat u in a fight as a wolf

  19. Hey I am a female albino wolf in antartica. I’m looking for a mate. If anyone is interested you should come to antartica and try to find a huge white Artic or albino wolf! 🙂

  20. Kayda says

    I’m a werewolf no joke I was bitten when I was 5

  21. moon the werewolf says

    all people and werewolves or anyone on this stop with the alpha crap! i might not be an alpha female but i will rip off anyone’s tail who says crap like ‘i’m alpha and i’m better’ or even stuff like “i want to be bitten” now for people who want to be bitten.. don’t its not fun i was born werewolf but both my mom and dad got bitten they said there is even a chance of DIYING if you get bit. its unlikely but very possiable! and what shaeli says is very true! its not a game not at ALL! and i do find it a bit offensive

  22. The show will go on fnaf song

  23. I want to become a werewolf just don’t know how…

  24. All of the werewolfs run. We are being hunted. All of you. The hunters are coming.

  25. All of the wolfs run the hunters are here they where at my hangout last night. All of you run.

  26. Do any of u know how to turn into a werewolf if u are in my city mesa AZ.

  27. Hi

  28. Winchester says

    Watch out.

  29. Melissa says

    I already apologize for my asking. Hello I understand that it is a burden and that it is dangerous but I wish to be turned into a werewolf. I have given much thought into this and if there are any wolves out there willing to spend the time to transform me then I thank you. I am in no way begging but thank you.

  30. Spirit wolf says

    Melissa on YouTube there is a video that’s a werewolf spell so you can look that up if you really want to

  31. Spirit wolf says

    But you need to know that if you do the spell you will have side affects

  32. Being a werewolf is very dangerous and you should never ask to be one but I just have to admit it is amazing.

  33. I am a werewolf my blood is a werewolf my is RJ .

  34. Werewolfs hide my parents do not belive in werewolves I am a werewolf .

  35. It is ok just… To be a werewolf just don’t trie to be one love you guys

  36. Anonymous says

    We Werewolves prefer not to be hunted, we like our privacy. We are not killers, we are merely protecting our pack, mate, or ourselves. So leave us alone, and no one gets hurt….


  37. I ‘m not sure if I’m werewolf but I’m really aggressive and I bit a boy and he had a scar on his leg for five weeks.

  38. Anonymous says

    I want to be a werewolf, I know it is hard I might die, but, it won’t matter, either I die and get away from my family or be a werewolf and be able to connect with the wild. I have a very aggressive attitude, sharp teeth, the middle of my eyes can change from a bluish yellowish color to pure yellow, the outside of my eye(the color part)stays the same color, a greyish blue.

    Here is my exact address, I live on the west side of my house, facing west my bedroom is to the right, facing east my bedroom is to the left, I stay up all night and sleep mostly during the day so you’ll see a light on, now here’s my address 67010, southwest purity springs, Augusta, Kansas, USA.
    I’m a tomboy btw, I’m 11 and I’ve put so much thought into this, I’ve wanted to be a werewolf for four years now(since I was 7)
    ~Adrian Lord

  39. Is any of this real

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