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  1. New wolf says

    How agrees that werewolfs are awsome?

  2. Harry p says

    Werewolfs are my favourate myth… But are they just a myth or are they real… Dun dun duuuuh

  3. New wolf says

    They are real because i am a werewolf but we prefer being a wolf

  4. Anonymous says

    I am a werewolf it’s true Rawr lul joke I’m a pigeon

  5. New wolf says

    Hey is anyone on Instagram because I am

  6. Anonymous says

    Hey who here is a wolf?

  7. They are real I’m a girl werewolf

  8. Hi my name is awesome says

    Hi I am on vine and Instagram so here is my user name dillonsu9 and are you one really if you are come a turn me into one plz

  9. New wolf says

    I’m a real wolf no joke and thx hi my name is awesome

  10. thestrangewerewolf says

    I’m a werewolf but I don’t change my soul and mind changes to a wolf body.Cool right,but I nearly got shoot by a hunter but I stared in to his eyes telling him his safe don’t shoot look.

  11. Hi my name is awesome says

    Awesome cool can you turn me into one or what…???

  12. Hi my name is awesome says

    Hi why you stop taking to me did I say something mean our what ?????

  13. Hi my name is awesome says


  14. Hi my name is awesome says

    Oh my bad sorry

  15. Don’t expose our seceret but I am too a werewolf I haven’t bitten anyone though

  16. Silver.Wind says

    hey new wolf do u have skype?

    oh and Tp isnt a girl wolf named a she wolf

    my wolf name is silver.wind but im not a physical werewolf i keep going out and like my soul is an lycan dormant one.

    i met a werewolf on a full moon.
    they keep coming close to me but they leave then i heard rustling in the bushes and ya they were close to me:)

  17. Silver.Wind says

    i have never seen the wolves’ body but i saw his eyes i would like to know the actual truth about werewolves’ anyone want to enlighten me?

  18. Werewolves are extinct.It’s Everday werewolves that talk and stuff

  19. If u r a werewolf I don’t believe u. There is only Everday Werewolves that hate the taste of human flesh.

  20. Wear wolfs are real I know because I’m one. But I don’t have a mate:)

  21. Hi my name is awesome says

    Plz come and turn me 🙂

  22. Hi my name is awesome says

    I’m really sure about this I have though it our many times so plz plz plz do it

  23. Come on plz

  24. Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  25. Plz Becky and 7y13r plz

  26. Sorry I’m not a werewolf!

  27. Becky,u r not a werewolf!!!U might be a Everday but not a normal Wrerewolf!!!
    Ws and Vs r extinct !!!!

  28. Nighthunter13 says

    Someone plz come and turn me!!!!! I have twitter @tiffygurl5555 (I think) and Facebook kimmy Wilson and I have a picture of a cat! If you choose to do Facebook, send me q private message why.

  29. If anyone has Instagram my username is @lola_the_barn_owl please follow me

  30. IM NOT A WERE WOLF!!!!!

  31. Becky are u even listening????

  32. Oh and Becky how do u know u r a were wolf when your memory is gone?

  33. Does anyone need I’d advise?

  34. Hi

  35. Loup-garou lover says

    Hey is anyone a werewolf in Sydney Australia I realy want to be a werewolf but it feels like I am already 1

  36. Anonymous says

    I’m a new werewolf I almost ate my parents I’m 12 so yeah

  37. Mello yello says

    I’m anonymous ok so what your werewolves so

  38. Mello yello says

    Me tooooo

  39. Mello yello says


  40. Anonymous says

    I am a female werewolf, alpha female of Frostpack. My name is Fern and my mate is Comet, we have pups. Hunters are a problem around here. To those people who don’t believe, they are real because I am one.

  41. Anonymous says

    Dose anyone have the wolf spirit in them

  42. Anonymous says

    How about it has to be a 3 fucking number fucked up code

  43. Werewolves are so real! I know that because i am one, Black fur and amber eyes. If you see me, i’m a female with 1 kill….. yeah sucks, and i’m 12 yrs old. Stay wolfie my friends, stay wolfie…

  44. Also i’m an alpha named Sokura Hidenka (or kortsa) and i lead the Kumori pack. Anyone wanna join? Just post somethin’ !

  45. just changeing name…

  46. Hello Sokura.

    Please now use this page for that : http://www.smyapps.com/chat

  47. Werewolf Jerome says

    I’m real I’m a werewolf no joke I’m real all rite we’ll I’ve seen myself in werewolf style. Bsacouse I’m asleep when it happens but my all my friends have seen me. 🙁

  48. Werewolf Jerome says

    Sorry error in the writing

  49. I’m on Instagram and can a wolf that has full control make me into a werewolf please?!?!

  50. Kortsa can you turn me into a werewolf so that i can join your pack

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