Werewolves at Solidays 2013

I’ve found werewolves this week-end at Solidays, a French music festival!

Solidays 2013 werewolves
Solidays 2013 werewolves


  1. Hello my werewolf story does not ryme can I send it to you to put it on werewolf herlad

  2. Running hunting. Killin howling yearning
    Aching turning growls and more sharp claws and sharp teeth werewolves are cool

  3. I want to know how to join the werewolf herald. I have great info on my bloodline in my family. Trust me. If you saw me, you would think I was king of the lycanthropes!

  4. hey i am a werewolf it is awesome! FULL MOON NAY PEOPLE I WILL GET U TO GONE MY PACK>

  5. Anonymous says


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