Werewolf Locator 1.8

A new version is available !

New in 1.8
– Updated for iOS 7
– The Werewolf Herald is now full screen
– New cheat codes
– Slide to open the cheat codes screen
– Many other improvements

Nouveautés de la 1.8
– Adaptation iOS 7
– Gazette des Loups-Garous en plein écran
– Nouveaux cheat codes
– Ouverture des cheat codes par glissement
– Nombreuses autres améliorations

More info : Werewolf Locator – Détecteur de loups-garous


  1. White Fang says

    I’m a real wolf. I transformed last night.

  2. Moons grace says

    And you’re posting that for the public to see?

  3. I’m a full werewolf but I can’t transform!

  4. I need some help please

  5. I believe im some type of wolf, but i cant transform. I know im a wolf because i love to run on all fours, i love howling at the moon (and i can howl pretty well), my canine teeth are sharp as a dog’s fang, i love meat, and wolves are my favorite animal. Someone plz help me explain this!

  6. Hello to all werewolfs

  7. Can some one turn me into a wolf please:(

  8. Just got bit I am a wolf yeah 🙂

  9. BoogalyButtHowl says

    Ok, I can fly U can Fly I can fly! Oh, you will die you will die you will die! Oh…I’m a vampire -ire -ire. And No…only if your a guy your a guy your a guy, you’ll survive you’ll -vive you’ll -Vive! (Because I will kill the girl werewolves and hold the boy werewolves captive to do all my work for me!)

  10. AlphaButt says

    Yes honey! (Boys, save yourselves! She’s planning on having kids with me!) o.O

  11. Merp

  12. You know to be a ‘werewolf’ you have a disease. A deadly one. Not to yourself, to others. You will become covered in hair, grow afoot by the next morning. Your body controls the brain so you can wake up on the complete opposite side of the earth!

    ~but we can all me science Fiction Nerds~

  13. I’m embarresed to be a Lycan now. u-u

  14. I know I’m a Lycan because my nails are thick and sharp and I have fur all over O.O

  15. By the way, BBH you can go die in a pit. How dare you you do things like that. And ur song sucks.

  16. My best friend is a wolf and my cousin is a hunter what do I do

  17. Blood thirsty says

    You all keep bragging about becoming a wold u have no idea

  18. Hey I really won’t to join a pack so email me or txt me if you are in the Seattle area or whatever. 2064597367

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