Werewolf Locator 1.5

A new version is now available !

New in 1.5
– Detection starts now at 8 PM
– Halloween special edition
– iOS 5 improvements

Nouveautés de la 1.5
– Détection à partir de 20h
– Édition spéciale Halloween
– Améliorations iOS 5

More info : Werewolf Locator – Détecteur de loups-garous


  1. In the next update make it able to search for werewolf
    Which are’nt transformed yet and you don’t need a full
    Moon for it

  2. Cool I need to try it how do u do it????? Do u need to pay for anything???

  3. İ seen a werewolf befor!and i sa the black werewolf it was asem!and i sond the werewolflocator alarm and it drove werewolf went nots ded i made run for it and i sraved! Thats the day that Was so asam i cood never forget that day.

  4. Hey guys I’m sorry I have not been on for a while and I think what’s going on here is how to become a werewolf im not sure if this is going on but eney ways I’ll tell u can drink rainwater out of a werewolfs paw or ask a witch my friend Mia ( or something other witch) to put a strong spell on u

  5. Remeber ask me questions I’ll love to answer them

  6. And guys beawere werewolfs are travel all over the world now so be careful I dont want u guys to get hurt I live in Transylvaina so ik

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