Werewolf Locator 1.10

A new version is available !

New in 1.10
– iOS 8 improvements
– 64 bits on iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 plus
– Other minor improvements

Nouveautés de la 1.10
– Améliorations iOS 8
– 64 bits sur iPhone 5s, 6 et 6 plus
– Autres améliorations mineures

More info : Werewolf Locator – Détecteur de loups-garous


  1. Can I take part in the next ‘the werewolf Herold’ issue?

  2. Please?

  3. I found myself on the locater

  4. Hey i was just bit by this big werewolf so what do i do?????

  5. Because I really do not want to be a werewolf

  6. It’s a game.

  7. Bubbles says

    Hey so I really want to know if there was a was I could become a werewolf without being bitten or a spell

  8. How can I participate in the next Werewolf Herald?
    Please tell me I have a important story, shoot me an email when and how I can as soon as possible

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