Mountain werewolf

Mountain werewolf
Mountain werewolf


  1. I don’t get it.

  2. Anonymous says

    what dont you get

  3. luky 38966 says

    what type of monster are you?

  4. Dudeusuck says

    That is so stupid it’s a Lego werewolf if you wanna see a real werewolf come to my house

  5. Dudeusuck says

    I mean seriously I’m 17 I’m old enough to know what a real werewolf looks like

  6. I agree This Is a dumb Lego

  7. Werewolflover says

    I want to see a real werewolf if you are one tape it and prove it I will not be mean I just want to know

  8. Werewolflover says

    If you’re even a werecat, vampire or a mermaid plese bring proof

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