Vampire Locator is now available !

Vampire Locator 1.0 is available !

This locator is the result of many years of research on vampire detection. Its operation has become a reality thanks to the combination of modern technologies and an essential ingredient, a piece of vampire coffin. Each model therefore contains a genuine piece of wood, protected from deterioration in order for the locator to remain precise.

App Store : Vampire Locator – Détecteur de Vampires


  1. I hate vampires and vampires hate me

  2. Melissa Northern says

    Wouldn’t that be crazy if vampires were fooking real???!!! Haaaha!!

  3. vampiers are stupid they arent real

  4. I think vampires are in my house I think I want to kill

  5. How can you get a ghost detector to find vampires around you

  6. Hey dude is a real joke from vampires to have babies with a human what the heck is going on vampires here

    wouldn’t it be crazy if vampires in your house in your bladder ready

  7. There are real I’ll prove it

  8. Prove it! ( dont mess with me tho I’m hafe werwolf

  9. So about the news stories you write for the app. There is one crappy news page for vampires. 2 short stories for the ghosts. And then at least 30 newsletters dedicated to werewolves that each have huge paragraphs and are well written.

    Can you maybe balance those out and write more for the vampires and ghosts since it seems the werewolf heartland gets way more detail and over all stories?

  10. Hello Chris

    Most of the stories are written by users, and it seems they really like werewolves.

    Contact me if you want to write yourself a ghost story !

  11. Smyapps, could you maybe help me? I have these pains, and these urges to do things a werewolf would do. (Pain on calls, shoulders and shoulder bone, spine, legs and teeth. Urge to chase cats, scavenge for things, eat dog food, sence things.) but I don’t know if I’m an actual werewolf. My family dosent believe in them, and the only ones in my family actually related to me ar my mom and half brother(the only ones I know who are related to me) and they only like vampires, ugh. Is there anything that could help me debtor mine that I’m a werewolf, cause I 100% believe I am, but I’ve never shifted. Is there anything you could do?

  12. Anonymous says

    Yo fookers vampires aren’t real stupid 2 year olds

  13. Anonymous says

    Yo sound like my brother he says monsters are real but he also has a dude and a guy that sleep with him

  14. Anonymous says

    Its true

  15. Anonymous says

    But the dude and the guy are stuffed animals

  16. I believe vampires are real

  17. I saw one with my very own eyes they are scary

  18. He saw me but I’m thankful he did come and kill me phew

  19. but I’m thankful the vampir didnt come and kill me phew

  20. Oops sorry I posted twice on the same thing

  21. But vampires are for real real

  22. whitewolf says

    vampires are undead beings not worth living in this world they deserve to faint in the sunlight. oh let me introduce myself. i am whitewolf alpha of my own pack the crimson moon pack. a pack that stays hidden from the human world. there are very few of us and i wish to speak with vampires and werewolves about this cause. a vampire locator?. why would any vampires want to be found and why would people find them if they know there going to die i dont get humans they dont think as much

  23. Anonymous says


  24. Anonymous says

    Don’t understand y do you guys believe ghost ,angels, and demons r real but not vampires and lycanthropes

  25. Anonymous says

    Looking for a certain pure blood to discuss conversion but I guess there isn’t any

  26. Czariah woolard says

    I love vampire and I want to be won

  27. Anonymous says

    I want to be a vampire

  28. then go to please.

  29. Alex Blailock says

    I want to be a vampire. Please help me find out how and please help me. Me address is 211 east Presley bullivard my phone number is(662) 222-6328 and my email account is

  30. Anonymous says

    I don’t know if I am a werewolf, or a vampire. Sometimes on full moons I feel restless, but sometimes I feel strangely connected to bats.

  31. Conner Wolf says

    OMG If Vampire’s We’re Real I Would Feel Like I’ve Died And Went To Heaven And If I Was About To Be Killed By One And He/She Said Any Last Word’s And I Would Say I Wish I Was Your Kind Being Immortal Going Through Living Through History Knowing Everything In The World History Wow I Would Have So Many Question’s But If Vampire’s Weren’t Real I Would Be Heart Broken but Vampire’s are real :0 Are they YES THEY ARE.

  32. Ola muy buena noche

  33. kris.stones says

    I turn to a vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful woman and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded woman in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a vampire kingdom by given me their number. if you want to become a powerful vampire kindly contact the vampire kingdom call/whatsApp at +1 4313007649 on their email

  34. Anonymous says

    I just love vampires and want to marry the hottest one

  35. Bite me in make me feel like a vampire forever

  36. Skye Schenck says

    Vampires are in fact very real, though the stereotypes are just plain wrong and dumb, vampires aren’t dead or can fly and turn into bats. They are just slightly stronger, faster, more agile than natural humans. They need nutritious that is specifically from blood and and any type of blood, they don’t live forever either

  37. Anonymous says

    Also vampires can’t be detected by some dumb app

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