Strange Creature Chat

This is a little preview of the next feature of Strange Creature Locator…
It will be available in september or october !


  1. Can I talk to a mermaid

  2. Can I talk to a vampire

  3. Yes and yes !

  4. When is this coming out September or October?

  5. I think in october now, there’s still a lot to do…

  6. Can I talk to a white angel, or a red dragon?

  7. If you guys wanna talk to all this stuff for free, just post on this wall! It’s not like people know you! Wanna try it?

  8. Is there werewolves here???

  9. I’m one! If you don’t believe me, then oh well…

  10. Well, please hurry with this creature chat thing cause I REALLY want to talk to a dragon!

  11. I already got it and I still don’t know how to chat with them!!!

  12. Please tell me exactly how to chat with them!

  13. I can’t talk to a dragon, unicorn, Pegasus ,Griffen, giant spider ,etc. fix it!

  14. Wow, love this app, but I was very disappointed when I found out that I couldn’t chat with a Pegasus,or a Dragon or a Unicorn,or lots of other creatures. Can

  15. What I was saying was that we should be able to speak to the dragons,unicorns, Pegasus, Griffen’s,etc.

  16. These creatures don’t even speak ! How could you chat with them ?

  17. Actually they can speak, but in a different language! I can translate what any creature is saying!

  18. You guys need to add Gorgans(medusa) in this app and yes they can speak in human

  19. marceline says

    how can you become a lycanthrope without all the pain?

  20. That is a tough one because your bones have to shift into wolf form… So you have to deal with the pain, I know it hurts,trust me I know!!!

  21. Samantha says

    Is there any way to understand what the UFO’s are saying?

  22. Are we really even talking to these creatures or are we talking to a recorder because that’s what I feel like when I talk to the creatures

  23. Werewolf king says

    I am the werewolf king

  24. Werewolf king says

    Anybody need advice from a werewolf just ask me

  25. Werewolf king says

    Werewolves are awesome

  26. Talk to me

  27. Leave me a coment

  28. Ok we’re wolf king how do I become a we’re wolf?!

  29. Who is a we’re wolf here?

  30. Who’s friends with jack because I am

  31. Of corse the were wolf loser!,boom

  32. Werewolf not we’re wolf and I’m a legit non transforming werewolf, your don’t become one your born one, I suppose there are ways to transform…although I don’t follow those practices, I prefer to just live a wolf lifestyle and keep in almost constant contact with my pack, that believes when we die our spirits (whether it be wolf, vamp, watcher, ect.) will go to our world…or plain of existence to be more accurate…don’t know how else to explain this…I liked the app though the one I have I found the devil cheat apparently the devil is right besides me!…I’m not surprised in the slightest 😛

  33. Is there a free version yet oh and is there any way u can block certain monsters and are the vampires nice

  34. Anonymous says

    How do you understand UFOs and aliens all types of aliens

  35. Do do you talk to UFOs and aliens

  36. How do you talk to them they speak jibberish

  37. Dutchess says

    Can I speak to a Werewolf

  38. Can I talk to a werewolf PLZ PLZ that would be awsome

  39. Anonymous says

    Can I speak to a werewolf

  40. Anonymous says


  41. Anonymous says

    plz make a free version

  42. Anonymous says

    I wanna talk to vampires are they nice?????????

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