Creatures update March 2015

March creatures update !

New :
– Now detects ice dragons

Nouveau :
– Détecte les dragons de glace

Find them with Strange Creature Locator.


  1. You should add the five nights at freddys gang. You should also make the character chatting better. I find it’s difficult to have a conversation with a bot that has low AI.
    Creatures I think you should add.
    •Freddy Fazbear
    •Chica the Chicken
    •Bonnie the Bunny
    •Foxy the Pirate Fox
    •Mike Schmidt: Jeremy Fitzgerald
    •Purple Guy
    •Rick Grimes
    • Carl Grimes
    •Daryl Dixon
    These are all the characters I’d like to see at the time.

  2. smyapps says

    Hello Ryan.

    Thank you for this creatures list !

    I know the chat is not perfect, I’ll improve it one day.


  3. Minecraft creature add aid is low

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