MPotion – Magic Potion Photo Booth is available !

Mix ingredients, create potions, observe the effects on your face ! Scary, funny, creative, results are always surprising.

Mélangez des ingrédients, créez des potions, observez les effets sur votre visage ! Effrayants, drôles, esthétiques, les résultats sont toujours surprenants.

MPotion - Magic Potion Photo Booth MPotion - Magic Potion Photo Booth

More info : MPotion – Magic Potion Photo Booth


  1. Charlotte murray says:

    I know how to get Werewolf on it! Mix rat tail with santa beard hair, werewolf fang, redcurrants, fairys wing, strawberry and banana.

  2. I don’t like this app it’s boring, to be honest smy you can do better

  3. Anoushka says:

    Please bring this game back!! I miss it a lot and I really want to play it again, but its not availible in the dutch or US stores!! Preferably on android too! Thanks!

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