MPotion 2.4

A new version is available.

New in 2.4
– New assisted potion creation
– New gestures
– Graphic improvements on 4″, 4.7″ and 5.5″ screens
– Ingredients reordering
– Other improvements

Nouveautés de la 2.4
– Nouvelle aide à la création des potions
– Nouveau gestes
– Améliorations graphiques sur les écrans 4″, 4,7″ et 5.5″
– Réorganisation des ingrédients
– Autre améliorations

More info : MPotion – Magic Potion Photo


  1. I think I might be a werewolf is it normal to see red on a full moon

  2. Anonymous says

    No I don’t think so hunter… That’s a blood moon it happens every decade or so. Where are you located? Are you trying to join a pack? Email me @

  3. Kayleigh says

    I was in a lot of pain last night in the woods with my friend and it was late and I felt like I was gonna kill her or run off into the darkness. Is that weird? I really want to know because I’ve been told that I’m a well yeah because I have amazing senses, very much a carnivore I’m fast and a great hunter but I don’t and people keep mistaking me for someone called Abigale Lycan? Which makes sense because when I play a game I login as Abigale Lycan. Lycan means werewolf who can control their shift and I do feel really sick and when I’m out late at full moon sometimes i black out! Sorry this was long but I really need help please if you know please tell me ASAP!

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