Ghost Locator 1.3

A new version is available.

New in 1.3
– iOS 9 improvements
– Bug fixes
– Other minor improvements

Nouveautés de la 1.3
– Améliorations iOS 9
– Corrections de bugs
– Autres améliorations mineures

More info : Ghost Locator – Détecteur de Fantômes


  1. You can start reclaiming Dead Ghosts at the locations below, after which you can flog them as paperweights or futuristic Lego then use the Glimmer to buy a fancy spaceship and get the hell out of dodge.

  2. Mary Nord says

    Let the EVP be heard….I have a very active EVP RESPONSE showing on the meter because I live in a retirement old folks home….but I don’t know what messages they are trying to get across

  3. Thanks

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